Colorless and Smooth with Intense Flavor

Cin Adalin is the brand that we produce and sell under the category of gin, and the global brands, for which we are the authorized distributor of Diageo in Turkey, include Gordon's London Dry Gin, Tanqueray and Gilbey's Special  Dry Gin.

Gin is a type of alcoholic beverage, which was first produced in the mid-1600s, and its name comes from the Dutch word "genever (juniper berry)", which is the predominant flavor. Gin is a colorless, smooth spirit with intense flavor, and is obtained by distillation of grain and several botanicals such as juniper berry, anise, coriander, angelica and angelica root, licorice, cinnamon, fennel and citrus peels. Gin is produced in Bilecik factory, which is equipped with the latest technology.