Career Opportunities

We are founded on values, which have been built by inspiring figures for generations. As the transmitters of a 500-year-old table culture, we believe that our employees, who always take us to the “top”, are most valuable treasure for us.

Career Opportunities

Over 2,000 passionately committed employees in our 8 production

Over 2,000 passionately committed employees in our 8 production facilities and sales and distribution network across Turkey strive to modernize the legacy from the past and transfer it to the future. Our employees stand out not only with their business knowledge and know-how, but also with their belief in team success and solidarity, as well as their openness to continuous learning and rapid adaptation to dynamic conditions. The way to ensure that employees are passionately committed to the company is through empowering them, offering them opportunities and encouraging them to ask questions.

Equal opportunities at Diageo Turkey

Serving in the field and in production in the roles, which are perceived to be masculine, the women break all the taboos with their success. During recruitment, we evaluate the applications of the candidates based on criteria such as competency and experience, regardless of gender. For recruitment in departments with no gender balance, we prioritize candidates from groups with insufficient representation. We strictly observe the gender equality principle. We do not withhold women from the roles they are capable of. With respect to promotions, we encourage and support our female employees to be included in the application processes and provide trainings and give necessary feedbacks to strengthen their development areas after the evaluations.

Yeni Bir Hayat (A New Life) Internship Program

Through the Mey|Diageo A New Life, we offer young professionals continuing their university education in various locations across Turkey the opportunity to engage in online internships with equal opportunities through two different recruitment processes annually. At Mey|Diageo, we not only celebrate life with the motto 'Celebrating Life Every Day, Everywhere,' but also invite young talents to celebrate responsibilities, develop different skills, turn theoretical knowledge learned at university into practice, and seize learning and self-improvement opportunities with industry professionals through the New Beginnings Internship Program. By providing internship opportunities in marketing, supply chain, sales & distribution, human resources, finance, information technology, corporate communications & relations, and legal departments, we aim to help young talents understand the fast-moving consumer goods sector and develop diverse skills.

Our Main Focus is Meaning

Our top priority is to offer tasks to our employees that they find 'meaningful,' where they get into the flow but do not get lost in a routine. Therefore, we regularly organize 'purpose' workshops where our employees work on their personal goals and life passions. We provide opportunities where they can feel that they are adding value, where they can see their worth, where they can bring their talents to life in a work environment where they enjoy what they do, and where they can celebrate their successes with their teammates.

Development Journey: Growth Mindset

At Mey|Diageo, we create opportunities for interdepartmental transitions by sharing newly opened or vacant roles with employees who are committed to growth and learning. Our 'Growth Mindset' approach allows our employees to challenge themselves and supports them in persevering in the face of obstacles. We believe that habits can be changed, and talents can be developed, and we structure our development programs based on this approach.

Create your future with us 

With our 'Graduate Programme', we bring young talents with 0-2 years of experience into the Mey|Diageo organization, stating 'Another Leadership Journey is Possible,' and prepare them for future leadership roles. Besides providing a real job experience in a global environment, we support them throughout the program with a specially designed development process, mentoring, rotations, and on-the-job learning. Since our young talents have real roles within the program, the functions for recruitment are determined based on needs, and we recruit across all our different departments.