Our Social Impact

In Diageo Turkey, we do our best not for fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, but for being a "responsible social organization". Together with our employees, who reflect the richness of different geographies, inspiring leaders and product portfolio, which includes more than 200 brands, all of which we speak of proudly, we aim to do better than the previous day.

We Are Proud of Our Business And The Way We Do It

It is our ambition “to become one of the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer goods companies in the world”.

While achieving this ambition, we feel responsible for our employees, ecosystem and society. We take supporting social development and protection of the environment in the territories where we operate as our duty.

As a company being aware of the fact that success is not only based on marketing, sales or financial data, we attach importance to the environment we live in and the lives we touch, and show regard to the values of our society in all aspects. As a company that strictly observes its responsibilities towards all of its stakeholders, we strive for doing our business in the best manner possible.


We consider ourselves an important part of gastronomy, agriculture and tourism in Turkey and across the world. We stand in solidarity with such ecosystems and believe that as they move forward and grow, we will grow too.

The whole, which we define as the “ecosystem of Diageo Turkey”, is made up of hundreds of thousands of people, including our employees, grape and anise farmers, and those who serve directly or indirectly in the gastronomy and tourism industry. We bring into life several solidarity projects with various benefits and provide material and moral support to this valuable ecosystem. It is because we are aware of the fact that better tomorrows are possible only with solidarity.

Our Understanding of Solidarity

"Respect for labor" is one of the values that we, as Diageo Turkey, attach the greatest importance to. Our understanding of solidarity is based on this motto. Therefore;

  • Solidarity with public -> During the pandemic, we opened our factory in Karaman before the season started, and supplied necessary amount of ethyl alcohol for cologne production.
  • Solidarity with farmers -> To reduce the financial loss of farmers during the pandemic, the grape procurement we made in Elazig amounted to double of how much we needed. In order to increase the declining production in the main location, we helped the producers with seed, diesel and fertilizer aid in order to increase the decreased production in the main region.
  • Solidarity with customers -> As part of Siftah (First Sale of the Day) project, we were the first to make a table reservation in the entertainment venues, which were closed during the pandemic, and made personal visits when they reopened. We suspended collection of receivables so that the owners could pay their employees.
  • Solidarity with Agricultural Laborers -> In addition to paving the way for providing equal conditions to agricultural laborers in Turkey, we provide equal conditions and pay equal wages to male and female laborers. We met hygiene product needs of seasonal workers and their families in Manisa during the pandemic.
  • Industry employees -> We developed a project exclusively for Bartenders to support them during the pandemic by purchasing their cocktail recipes to compile a book of cocktail recipes.
  • Solidarity with theaters -> We are the sole corporate supporter of the events of Kucukciftlik Park Bahce Theater. As we attach importance to the continuity of culture and arts, we supported actors/actresses and theaters.
  • Solidarity in Disasters -> After the earthquake in Izmir and Elazig and fire in Marmaris and Tunceli, we helped meet the needs of these cities.
  • Solidarity with NGOs -> We support Derin Yoksulluk Ağı (Deep Poverty Network). We are the first and sole corporate supporter of Pembe Hayat LGBTI+ Queer Fest. We have made efforts towards raising awareness in collaboration with Listag, Erisilebilir Her Sey and Blindlook.
  • Solidarity with employees -> We were in touch with our employees by virtual meetings via Zoom. Thanks to Quality Life Support Line, we have integrated a system, which is available 24/7 whenever our workmates need.


As a company that is aware of the importance and sensitivity of responsible drinking, we fulfill our responsibilities in collaboration with the public and other organizations.

Diageo Turkey , attach great importance and show due sensitivity to offer our brands only to adults older than 18. In addition, we attach due importance to informing those, who are included in our ecosystem and directly touch the consumer, of responsible drinking. We support programs, practices and policies to cope with the problems arisen from excessive drinking, including drink-driving and underage drinking. We encourage our consumers to make responsible decisions about whether to drink or not, and we expect the same from all of our employees serving under the umbrella of Diageo not only in Turkey but across the world.

Based on the report "Health at a Glance 2019" of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Turkey is one of the countries with the lowest alcohol consumption per capita. We focus on three areas where we can have an impact on: - Making attitudinal and behavioral changes in cooperation with the public and other organizations in order to ensure that actions to raise awareness are taken and the problems caused by excessive drinking are minimized with "Zero tolerance". - Setting high standards across the company and the industry, and providing our customers and business partners in every field with useful information to develop a responsible marketing approach. - Supporting effective and target-oriented regulations, based on actual data, about alcohol consumption and encouraging stakeholder dialog at global, regional and national scale.

Detailed information in this respect is available in the Sustainability & Responsibility report of Diageo

Responsible Marketing Approach

As part of our responsible marketing approach, we aim to achieve the highest standards, and we provide the necessary information to ensure responsible consumption of our brands by the adults older than the legal drinking age. We carry out research, development and marketing activities associated with our brands with due diligence as per The Diageo Marketing Code. We do our business not only in accordance with the self-regulatory rules we have established, but also in full compliance with the relevant regulations governing the spirits industry in which we operate.

The contact details of our product hotline are available on the labels of all of our brands that we supply onto the market. Our consumers can easily find detailed information about our products by calling our hotline at 444 46 39. To provide our consumers with accurate information, the labels of our products also include details about the alcohol content and responsible drinking, in compliance with all the legal obligations. Our logo “Kararında Iciniz” (Drink Responsibly) is available on the labels of all the brands we produce and import. In addition, we adopt Diageo's Alcoholic Beverage Information Policy (DABIP), which is the consumer information policy of Diageo, and operate accordingly.