A Farming Company

Our company started structuring for farming in 2005. We have obtained a Farming License in 2011, and thus, we are a company that is actually a farmer itself. 40 employees, including 28 food engineers and 12 people who were graduated from agriculture-related departments of the universities, serve in our company for agricultural activities. We are an important player in the agro-industry. Based on Nielsen's Retail Report for 2019, we are the 5th largest food and beverage company and 7th fast moving consumer goods company in Turkey.

Domestic Production

We supply all of the agricultural ingredients of our products from Turkey. Our agricultural product procurement amounts to 400 million Turkish Liras annually.

In particular, for raki, grapes and anise must be obtained from and grown in Turkey as per the Geographical Indication.

For wine production, we make use of our wine grapes, which we obtain from our own vineyards of 55 hectares located in Sarkoy and Elazig. We also receive a partial supply of grapes from our contracted farmers in our country

Examples of our innovative practices

We consider agricultural sustainability as an investment in the future. Accordingly, we continue to contribute to national agriculture by supporting farmers with increased projects on university-industry collaborations to improve the scientific infrastructure.

We help farmers not only with seed, fertilizer and fuel aid but also by offering consultancy services to increase the productivity.

We pay equal wages to all men and women engaged in production.

The first commercial and registered aniseed in Turkey

3 of the seeds obtained in our studies on aniseed improvement, which have been running for 7 years in collaboration with Ege University, were registered. Their names are as follows: “Yeni 37”, “Ege 53” ve “Altin 8”.

As part of the project we run in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of Cukurova University, we determine the changes in the flavor profiles of aniseseed bases on the climate and soil characteristics.

We are planning to start a genotype study on anise in collaboration with Cukurova University.

We continue to make efforts towards obtaining the highest quality raw materials by making use of various raw materials such as anise/grape in test productions in our Kraft Raki production facility, for which we made an investment in our Alaşehir distillery plant last year.

Raw material procurement

With respect to agricultural procurement processes, we make procurement of wheat, grapes for suma, wine grapes, raisins and anise as agricultural raw materials. The procurement processes are mostly made through our suppliers and we touch approximately 20-22 thousand producers.

We supply 10% of our grapes from Central Anatolia, 35% from the Aegean Region, 10% from Thrace, and 45% from Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.

Şahyar Project

We have brought into life the drip irrigation project on an area of 60 hectares in Sahyar, Alasehir, where grape farmers had to stop their activities due to drought and lack of infrastructure. Thanks to the new piping system, we helped local farmers, who had limited access to necessary means, switch from traditional flood irrigation to a more efficient method of drip irrigation. In this way, we projected there would be around 50% savings in the amount of water used, and 15,192 m3 of water was recovered.