Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. I applied to your general application post; when will you reply?

  2. General recruitment advertisements are opened in the long term to find candidates in our company resume pool and to benefit from recruitment processes when necessary. When there is an active recruitment process, the candidates referred by the general application advertisement are returned.

  3. 2. I applied for the Customer Manager post. When can I get a response to my application?

  4. We are opening our Customer Manager advertisement for Turkey in general. We will contact you based on the location where the client manager position is available.

  5. 3. In which cities can I work at Mey|Diageo?

  6. You can work in all cities where our factories, production facilities, and offices are located and in all cities where the sales distribution team is affiliated.

  7. 4. To which departments in your company can I apply?

  8. It has departments for regulation and law, human resources, finance, digital transformation, sales and distribution, marketing, corporate relations, and supply chain.

  9. 5. How can I get information about my evaluation process? 

  10. Applications that are actively evaluated and result in positive or negative results are responded to by our Human Resources Talent Acquisition Team at the email address provided in the application.

  11. 6. What kinds of opportunities are offered to those who want to make a career change within the company?

  12. Open positions are shared within the company, and employees who are interested are given the opportunity to rotate.

  13. 7. I applied for a position before and got a negative response. Can I apply for another position?

  14. The opportunities we offer you at Mey|Diageo can continue. You can search for alternative new roles that are suitable for your abilities, experiences, and wishes, where you can make a difference by joining us, and you can apply again. You can follow our open positions on our website,, and LinkedIn.

  15. 8. I missed the application deadline for your advertisement; do I have a chance to be included in the process later?

  16. Unfortunately, we are not able to include participants in our postings published after the sharing period while the process is running.

  17. 9. What are the internship opportunities at Mey Diageo?

  18. In the Mey|Diageo New Life internship program, within a period of six months, interns are recruited for all departments within the company as needed. In line with the needs of our departments, third- and fourth-year students and new graduates of the necessary university departments can do internships in our company. Yeni Bir Hayat, run by Mey|Diageo, is an internship program where they learn about corporate culture, experience working life, and seek answers to their career questions.

  19. 10. When are your internships taking place?

  20. Our internships run from January to June and July to December.

  21. 11. How can I apply for the advertisements posted by your company?

  22. Our job openings can be found on the platforms Linkedin,, and, as well as on our website's "My Career Opportunities" page.

  23. 12. Where can I contact you for more information?

  24. You can reach us at [email protected].