How Is It Possible?

We believe that another company will only be based on respect for people, respect for nature and respect for the ecosystem.

We are not just a manufacturing company. We are farmers, we have vineyards, we follow our production from seed to glass. We work with the goal of being a responsible social institution, beyond the goal of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

We work not only with the aim of saving the day and making headlines, but also with the obligation of being a responsible social institution. We are in solidarity with the ecosystems that we see ourselves as a component of, and we believe that we will rise together as they progress and rise. We are beside them thanks to our deep-rooted brands and we bring them to life thanks to our brands. We base our communications on an honest, open and transparent understanding of communication, both within the company and in our external activities.

The Manifest of Hope

Diageo Turkey is on a journey to renew and transfer the socialization and celebration heritage of this land for the next generations.

Our ambition is to be the best performing, most trusted and respected consumer products company in Turkey.

We believe that an alternative way to run a company is possible.

We believe that during winds of change, some build walls and others build wind mills.

We will continue to be the ones building windmills, include our ecosystem in building these together & continue to be present on every table possible.

As a team, our promise is to be the source of hope to our employees, consumers, and partners.

We will do that via committing to:

  • Being just, transparent, compassionate and conscientious
  • Being daring, caring, inspiring, sharing, generous role models
  • Being a team that is bigger than the sum of its parts, always aiming to deliver 1+1 = 3
  • Trusting each other.
  • Listening, reflecting, celebrating & enjoying more when we are together.
  • Putting the reputation of our company ahead of everything
  • Aiming for 100% but enjoying, celebrating & getting satisfied with 80%
  • Growing & empowering our teams. Continously prioritizing to help maintain our work life balance
  • Empowering uniqeness, diversity & inclusion

And always staying positive. Because if it works, it works. And if doesn’t, Rakı içeriz..😊


Diageo Turkey Leadership Team