Alaşehir Yenilikhane​

  • Why Alasehir?

    Alasehir has been one of the most important areas in Anatolia both in the past and in the present. And Western Anatolia is the land that can be referred to as the cradle of grape. The entire Manisa, including Alasehir, constitutes 34% of total vineyard area in Turkey. Grape is the essential raw material of raki, and it is clearly emphasized both in the legislation and in the geographical indication. It is also very close to Denizli-Burdur, where the anise, the dominant flavoring ingredient of raki, is grown. Since Alasehir is where our main production facility is located, we built Yenilikhane, our investment of micro-facility, here.

  • Neden Alaşehir?
  • What is Yenilikhane? What is it intended for?

    It is a raki innovation and experience center, which also includes our kraft production facility that we established to improve and innovate raki, a 500-year-old tradition, and shape its future and pass it down to future generations. It is called "yenilikhane" (innovation center) because "to innovate" is among its missions.
    We will introduce two of our stills of 500 l, on which the kraft production is based at Yenilikhane, to you: "Reyhan and Saadet".

  • What is Kraft production? What is Kraft raki?

    Kraft production refers to long, hard and limited production, which require masterful efforts, with carefully selected raw materials. Raki took its place in this craft world with “Yenilikhane”. Our two little stills here play a very important role in new product testing and development. Reyhan and Saadet had two gifts to kraft raki world: Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme (Long-Brewed) and Yeni Raki Giz. But for sure, these won't be the last; innovations will continue at full stem at Yenilikhane.

  • What is Yeni Yolculuk (New Journey)?

    Yeni Yolculuk (New Journey) is an end-to-end experience to enrich and transform the professional visitors from the industry. This is a journey that starts at the factory, including Yenilikhane, i.e. our kraft production facility, continues with the aging area, where we inform the visitors about the aroma wheel that is of importance for the scientific future of raki, and is crowned with the raki table experience in the vineyards, accompanied by local delicacies made by a chef.

  • Neden Alaşehir?
  • With our motto "Another company that values culture and art is possible," we have positioned the work of media artist, director, and pioneer in machine intelligence aesthetics Refik Anadol's "AI Data Sculpture: ISS, Hubble, MRO 2020-2021" in Alaşehir Yenilikhane.

    Machines, social networks—everything around us records data, says Anadol. To raise awareness, this work consists of reflections of millions of pieces of space data. "Raki" is positioned as a social and emotional data recorder, an emotional memory, which shares a common destiny with this work.