Did You Know

Did you know thatthe % of females in our Leadership Team is57%and that we have achieved the target of50:50balanced representation, set by Diageo for 2030, 10 years ago?
Did you know that% of female employees is98%in our three vineyards locatedin Elazig and Sarkoy?
Did you know thatwe grant our female employees an additional 10 weeks of paid maternityleave in addition to 16 weeks of statutory leaveand our male employees an additional 4weeks of paid paternityleave in addition to 5days of statutory leave?
Did you know thatwe are the first winemaking company to measure carbon footprint in Turkey?
Did you know thatDid you know that we ensure utilization of sewage sludge as a raw material in brick production, which is a first in Turkey?
Did you know thatwe have increased the amount of renewable energy used in our facilities in Alasehir, Tarsus and Nevsehirby47.39%, 40.09% and 31.96%, by respectively?
Did you know thatwe have achieved the target of "Topraga Sifir Atik" (Zero Waste to Landfill) at all locations,including the head office, and prevented1,295 tons of CO2 emissions?
Did you know thatthanks to our projects on packaging reduction and zero waste to landfill, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions we have prevented is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions produced by approximately 749 people forone year?
Did you know thatwe deliver 10.5 tons ıfaniseeds of our proprietary"Yeni 37", "Ege 53" and "Altin 8" to the farmers?
Did you know thatDid you know that we are the first raki producer with ISO 9001 certificate and the first wine-maker with ISO 22000 certificate in Turkey?
Did you know that we continuously control the processes through GMP Good Manufacturing Practices) audits taking place at all locations, as well as internal and external audits that are carried out approximately 100 years a day, to maintain high quality and food safety standards at our factories?
Did you know that we, as Mey|Diageo, started structuring for farming in 2005, obtained a Farming License in 2011, and thus, we are a company that is actually a farmer itself and one of the biggest companies with a farming license.