Learning For Life

Samandağ Gastronomy Village

Samandağ Gastronomy Village is a solidarity initiative brought to life through the collaboration of Mey|Diageo, Oxfam KEDV (Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work), Samandağ Municipality, and Samandağ Women's Cooperative.

At Mey|Diageo, one of our core values is "respect for work." This principle underpins our commitment to solidarity.

 In line with this, we partnered with Oxfam KEDV, which has continued its efforts in the region following the earthquake disaster on February 6. Together, we embarked on a long-term, sustainable project to revive the gastronomy village in Samandağ, Hatay. This village, rented from the Samandağ Municipality by the Samandağ Women's Cooperative, had been damaged in the earthquake.

The primary goal of the revitalized Samandağ Gastronomy Village, achieved through the cooperation of Mey|Diageo, Oxfam KEDV, Samandağ Municipality, and Samandağ Women's Cooperative, is to train local women through the Learning For Life program and integrate them into the workforce. Additionally, the project aims to preserve and document the traditional culinary culture and flavors of the region, ensuring they are passed down to future generations.

In the coming period, the restaurants and guesthouses planned to open in Samandağ Gastronomy Village will serve tourists, and locally produced goods by women will be available for sale. This will empower women economically and boost the region's tourism potential.

Once completed, Samandağ Gastronomy Village will significantly contribute to the economic development of the region and enhance women's active participation in social life.