Working at Mey|Diageo

Our Employees Are The Most Valuable Treasure For Us

We, as Diageo Turkey , are founded on values, which have been built by inspiring figures for generations. In our company, which was founded in 2004 following privatization of the alcoholic beverages department of Tekel, the production takes place under a single roof with the employees, who have been serving with diligent efforts since then, alongside freshly graduated employees. This is what we call “joint labor of generations”. For us, what comes into existence as a result of the shared efforts of the masters of industry and the young people is respect for the past and greetings for the future. Our employees stand out not only with their business knowledge and know-how, but also with their belief in team success and solidarity, as well as their openness to continuous learning and rapid adaptation to dynamic conditions. The way to ensure that employees are passionately committed to the company is through empowering them, offering them opportunities and encouraging them to ask questions.

Holistic Health

Our efforts towards increasing the life quality of every employee of our company involve a variety of aspects from physical health to mental integrity. As Diageo Turkey, refer our employees to emotional support, business life services and for everyday issues through the Quality Life Support Program to help ensure a balance between professional life and personal life in accordance with the quality life guidelines. For example, Quality Life Helpline is available 24/7, and provides support to our employees in legal, financial, health and parenting issues through experts.

Our Values and Culture

Who wouldn't want the freedom to succeed? As Diageo Turkey, believe in empowerment based on trust. In this way, we give each other the freedom to succeed. As the motto says "Celebrating life every day, everywhere", we believe in a corporate culture, where every achievement, whether it is big or small, of our workmates is celebrated.

Our Main Focus is Meaning!

Our number one priority is to place our employees in roles where they go with the flow but do not get lost in the routines while they are doing the work that they deem "meaningful". So, we hold “purpose” workshops, where our employees work on their personal purposes and life passions. We offer opportunities to make it possible for them to celebrate their success with their teammates in a working environment that they love to work and add value and where they get the value they deserve and they are able to make use of their skills.

Development Journey: Growth mindset

We share the newly opened positions or vacant roles with our employees who are pursue development and learning and create opportunities for moving between departments. Our approach of “Growth Mindset” enables our employees to overcome the challenges and helps them remain resilient against obstacles. We believe that habits can be changed and skills can be improved, and our development programs are based on this approach.