From Aztecs To The Present

The global brand, for which we are the authorized distributor of Diageo in our country, under the category of tequila is Don Julio.

It is known that tequila was first made by Aztecs 2000 years ago from the sap of the agave plant. It is obtained by distillation of Agave tequilana, an Agave plant that is a juicy fruit and is also known as "Sabir Otu" in Anatolia. It has a strong, fruity taste. The longer tequila ages, the more intense its flavor will become, and aging it in a metal or glass tank renders it colorless, which is called Blanco (silver). It can also be made by aging it in oak barrels as in whiskey production. This method adds tequila other flavors (caramel, vanilla, thuja, pepper, etc. depending on the type of barrel) and gives it a golden color.