"320 Sustainability Projects" By Mey|Diageo

09 June 2021

"320 sustainability projects" by Mey|Diageo

Having published its first Sustainability Performance Report, Mey|Diageo has brought 320 sustainability projects into life since 2017, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Having published its first Sustainability Performance Report, which involves the story behind the figures and its sustainability efforts, Mey|Diageo has brought 320 sustainability projects into life since 2017, while continuing to invest in the country's economy, human resources, technology, soil and farmers. The projects have been run in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, including responsible consumption and production, decent work and economic growth, industry, innovation and infrastructure, climate action, sustainable cities and communities.

The first Sustainability Performance Report of Mey|Diageo has been created in light of the basic level of Global Reporting Standards (GRI). The report, which is in line with the financial calendar applied by Diageo, includes the operations carried out in Türkiye from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. The report includes noteworthy results on sustainability.

We are aware of our responsibility

Highlighting that sustainability is far beyond responding to the climate change problem, and is a model of growth, production, consumption and risk management, Levent Komur, the General Manager at Mey|Diageo, said, "As a company that is engaged in both farming and industrial activities and a representative of the agriculture-based industry, we believe in sustainable economy. We develop and bring into life projects to take sustainability even further in agriculture, trade, employment and culture. We are proud to have brought 320 sustainability projects into life since 2017, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. We believe that our positive impact on our country and planet will continue to increase every year thanks to the sustainability approach that we have integrated into our business strategies and operational performance.”

Kursat Apan, the Supply Chain Director at Mey|Diageo, who leads the sustainability efforts of the company, said, “For us, sustainability is an indispensable issue. We continue to make efforts to further integrate sustainability into the strategies and operational performance of our company at full steam. Our sustainability approach is based on the principle that reads, “Paving the way for sustainability from seed to glass. Our business is shaped around this principle and sustainability is at the center of all our projects. Protection of our future and the ecosystem and the planet is what lies at the base of our projects, communication activities, the initiatives we play a part in and our relations with public authorities and our customers. We will continue to fight for a more sustainable world with trail-blazing and pioneering efforts in our sector."

The goal of becoming a "social organization

Operating not only for achieving the goal of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, but also for becoming a responsible social organization, Mey|Diageo continues to make efforts in line with its goals of spreading awareness of responsible drinking, developing a culture based on inclusion and diversity, decarbonizing its operations, reducing the water used in the production process by 30% by 2030, replacing more water than it uses in water-scarce regions by 2026, eliminating waste in the value chain, and taking a part in making the world a more fair and just place. Carrying out its activities in line with the ecosystem goals for 2030 set by Diageo on a global scale in order to help shape a more inclusive and sustainable world, the company makes efforts towards achieving the goal of making a positive impact on the community where it exists, operates, uses resources and makes sales by 2030.

About Mey|Diageo

Founded in 2004 following privatization of the alcoholic beverages department of Tekel, Mey continues to operate in Türkiye as two separate companies, one for production and the other for sales and marketing. Since 2011, Mey has been operating under the umbrella of Diageo, the alcoholic beverage producer trading in approximately 180 countries with regional offices in 80 countries. Maintaining being a company accountable to the public as of the day of its incorporation, Mey has become one of the largest companies in Türkiye, thanks to its more than 2 thousand employees, including its distributor and sales teams, by combining the talents of its employees with the power of its brands.

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