8 March International Women's Day Interview with Tuğba Barutçuoğlu

08 March 2024


Can you share the first moment in your career when you said “Yes, I did it”?

After four years of law education and the subsequent compulsory law internship, I can say that the feeling of "I have succeeded" was the first moment when I put on my lawyer's robe and entered the courthouse with my lawyer ID card. As I walked quickly through the courthouse corridors towards the courtroom, I was full of self-confidence, capable of solving any problem, with the strength of the robe whose skirts flew as the air filled it. Afterwards, cases won, projects successfully delivered, high-value contracts, licenses received, collections... Every feeling of "success" was immediately overshadowed by the new goals I set to achieve. The feeling I feel when I think I have succeeded is "pleasure"... In fact, it is so temporary. For example, you don't talk for weeks about "What a great case I won"... But you memorize the strategies, defenses and tactics you applied, try them again when necessary, and go after new challenges, this time better equipped, by layering every good or bad experience you gained during the process. In summary; The journey of success, despite all its pains, is much more valuable and long-lasting than the pleasure of the moment of success itself, with what it teaches and adds.

Can you talk about the steps you took to achieve this success? Did you have a role model?

Whatever we aim to achieve; I believe that every path we follow with proper planning, discipline and desire intersects with success; Sometimes because of the goal you have achieved, sometimes because of the experience and learning you have gained along the way... I have invested in myself as much as possible for new competencies and I continue to do so. You never know when opportunities will knock on our door in life, but it is necessary to be ready for new adventures, as equipped as possible, as if the door will knock at any moment.

Regarding the role model, I cannot say "I have a role model", but I always strive to learn the lesson I need to learn from everyone I encounter and every situation.

Do you think young people should find a role model for themselves in their leadership journey? What are your suggestions for this?

Young people will find what is best for them through experience, no doubt. I envy young people for being clear about what they want, expressing their demands boldly, their sensitivity to the environment and many other issues. They should be involved in projects where they can benefit from the experiences of the leaders, they are inspired by in the fields they are interested in and want to develop in, associations, platforms etc. that are in their fields of interest. I recommend that they both develop their networks and benefit from this diversity by taking an active part in the communities.

As you know there are also responsibilities that life brings to us, such as motherhood and fatherhood, outside of business life. How do you follow to maintain your work and private life balance?

While flexible working hours bring convenience and comfort with the opportunity to schedule the day, they also cause the time in our private lives to be stretched in the same way. We need to encourage this transformation in our lives by embracing the time we spare for family and social environment and setting an example to those around us with our efforts in this regard. On the other hand, The golden key is to determine our importance and priorities and use our delegation opportunities in the most appropriate way!

How do you constantly improve yourself and stay up to date? What are your suggestions to future generations on this subject?

The first step is to discover your area of interest! Then, work closely with leaders, associations, or platforms in these fields... I recommend future generations to stay in touch with the communities they enjoy while learning from the experiences of others and to create their own networks.

We see that there is a male-dominated structure in your sector and in the areas you lead. At this point, what do you think are our duties as individuals and the business world to achieve a more equal future, that is, to ensure gender balance?

As Mey|Diageo, we lead practices that open opportunities for gender equality, especially in our ecosystem. In addition to increasing awareness on this issue; We also have many numerical targets, from increasing the number of female employees in the field to increasing our supplier diversity and the number of female suppliers. We thrive on the strength of our diversity and promote gender balance through our company practices and policies.

Gender balance starts with children. While I, as an individual, try to raise my son impartially and fairly and protect him against masculine pressures; I also support non-governmental organizations that support women's inclusion in business life.