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01 June 2023


"Just in Time" approach, which has been valid in the business world for many years, started to be discussed once the pandemic started. This approach, which spread from Japan to the world, consisted of making the production just in time and taking all the raw material supply according to the instant system. Now, instead of an instantaneous strategy, the strategy of "Just in case" is spreading. While 14 percent of the respondents to the survey conducted by The Economist with 3,000 managers stated that they use the "just in time" approach, 27 percent stated that they work with a '1-3 month' stock. On the other hand, 26 percent pointed out that they are trying to guarantee their production 'just in case' with '2-4 weeks'.

For faster company!

Levent Kömür, the CEO of Diageo Turkey, says that they are conducting a transformation project that includes a 'hybrid' approach. He emphasizes that they have established a special project team with representatives from each department to achieve this and outlines the main features of the new working arrangement:

-In order to overcome the obstacles to acceleration, agility, and simplification, we have treated transformation as a separate activity and formed a dedicated team.

-We have expanded the scope of influence and responsibilities for all employees, especially managers. Through the 'Why Do We Need Approval?' platform, employees who believe that approval is not required in certain business processes can submit their suggestions for simplification.

-To create quality time for our employees to focus on their work, we have introduced 'Meeting-Free Wednesdays' and department-specific refreshment days where the entire day is free from meetings.

-We are also working to expedite the invoice process by eliminating approval hierarchies for amounts below a certain threshold. Departments with a high volume of invoices can complete their processes without any unnecessary delays in the purchasing process.

-When considering product-related aspects, we respond quickly to the market with product innovations. Thanks to our craft stills located within our innovation center, Yenilikhane, we can bring new innovations to life more rapidly and respond quickly to the market.