Its Plant In Bilecik Is Now Carbon Neutral

21 November 2023

Mey|Diageo has broken a new ground: Its plant in Bilecik is now carbon neutral

Mey|Diageo has broken a new ground in its industry by achieving carbon neutrality at its plant in Bilecik, in line with its Ecosystem 2030 goals.

Continuing its efforts to be a socially responsible company, Mey|Diageo has broken a new ground within the alcoholic beverage industry in which it operates. In line with its goal of "achieving net zero carbon across all its operations" as part of the Ecosystem 2030 goals set by Diageo on a global scale, it has achieved carbon neutrality at its plant in Bilecik. After finalizing the process of obtaining Carbon Neutral certification, the plant in Bilecik began utilizing renewable energy in its processes.

Speaking about it, Levent Komur, the General Manager at Mey|Diageo, said, “We are cognizant that sustainability is a multi-dimensional issue and the endevaour for a sustainable future is a long-term journey. In light of our Ecosystem 2030 goals, we resolutely run the projects we have developed, put into practice and follow in collaboration with our employees, suppliers and customers. Our efforts toward carbon neutrality aim to achieve net zero carbon across all our operations. Finalization of the carbon neutral certification process for our plant in Bilecik is among these significant efforts. We take great pride in breaking a new ground in our industry in this regard. Our efforts toward a more sustainable future will continue indefatigably.”

Striving to demonstrate that it is possible to become "a quite different company" through its efforts, founded on respect to people, nature and our stakeholders, the company continues to operate with the aim of creating long-term and sustainable value for its society and stakeholders.

About Mey|Diageo

Mey|Diageo is one of the largest companies in the alcoholic beverage industry in Türkiye. It has been incorporated in 2004 upon the privatization of the alcoholic beverages department of Tekel. Since 2011, it has been operating under the umbrella of Diageo the alcoholic beverage producer trading in approximately 180 countries with regional offices in 80 countries. Mey|Diageo, the present representative of the legacy, dating back to the General Directorate of Monopolies that was established in 1862, is a company that is engaged in viticulture on its own land and holds a farming license. It continues to operate in Türkiye as two separate companies, one for production and the other for sales and marketing. It has become one of the largest companies in Türkiye, thanks to its more than 2 thousand employees, including its distributor and sales teams, by combining the talents of its employees with the power of its brands. Thanks to the employment opportunities it provides, as well as its significant contributions to the economy of the country, its approach to social responsibility and its premium brands, it holds a market-leading position in every field.

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