Mey|Diageo Has Published Its 2nd Sustainability Report

16 May 2022

Mey|Diageo has published its 2nd Sustainability Report

Mey|Diageo has published its 2nd Sustainability Report and brought 67 more sustainability projects into life the last year, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Making efforts towards the goals of diversity, inclusion, protection of natural resources and contribution to society, in the light of Diageo's Ecosystem Goals for 2030, Mey|Diageo has published its 2nd Sustainability Report following a year in which it accelerated its efforts to make "net plus" contribution to the value chain. Mey|Diageo's Sustainability Report for 2021, which was drawn up so as to cover the operations from July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 in Türkiye, in order to ensure that it is in line with the financial calendar applied by Diageo, includes 67 sustainability projects brought into life by the company during this period, and details thereof.

During the reporting period, Mey|Diageo has brought 67 projects into life, aligned with the SDGs, which contribute to sustainability. It has launched a project to replace a total of 40.653 m3 of water used in 4 regions suffering from water stress. It has increased the amount of renewable energy used in its plant in Alasehir, Tarsus and Nevsehir, by 47.39%, 40.09% and 31.96%, respectively. It has achieved the goal of "Topraga Sifir Atik" (Zero Waste to Landfill) at all locations, including the head office, and prevented 1.295 tons of CO2 emissions. It has prevented 346 tons of glass and 11 tons of paper/cardboard waste as part of the projects it has brought into life in cooperation with its packaging suppliers. Thanks to the projects on packaging reduction and zero waste to landfill, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions it has prevented is equivalent to greenhouse gas emissions produced by approximately 749 people for one year. It has performed a sensitivity assessment for biodiversity in all of its locations. It has obtained the aniseed farming license. It has delivered 10.5 tons of aniseeds of its proprietary "Yeni 37", "Ege 53" and "Altin 8" to the farmers. It has launched the projects "A'dan Z'ye Kapsayicilik Sozlugu" (A to Z Dictionary of Inclusion), "Yoresel ve Etnik Yemek Kitabi" (Local and Ethnic Cookbook) and "Kadina Yonelik Siddetle Mucadele Politikası ve El Kitapcigi" (Policy and Handbook on Combating Violence Against Women) to reinforce an inclusive corporate culture within the company.

We believe in sustainable economy

Emphasizing their belief in sustainable economy, Levent Komur, the General Manager at Mey|Diageo, said "We, as Mey|Diageo, believe that our positive impact on our country and planet will increasingly continue every year, during this journey we have set off with the principle that reads, “paving the way for sustainability from seed to glass, for which we do our best without giving up. As a company that is engaged in both farming and industrial activities and a representative of the agriculture-based industry, we believe in sustainable economy wholeheartedly. We develop and bring into life trail-blazing projects to take sustainability even further in agriculture, trade, employment and culture. In fact, 67 projects we have completed this year in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals are an indicator of this.…”

Pointing out the striking figures in the report, Levent Komur, said, “This report includes striking figures, several fields in which we have made progress. But more importantly, something beyond the figures, which is belief, self-devotion, patience, effort, and a very strong claim: ‘Sure, we can become a 'Quiet Different' company’…”, and added: All of our efforts are to show that “sure, we can become a 'quiet different' company. Adopting this approach, which we built on respect to people, nature and our stakeholders, we say that “A company that supports arts, advocates the rights of all living things and creates a positive impact on the environment is possible. We will continue, with all our strength, to make efforts towards ensuring the environmental, social and managerial balance for our society and our stakeholders and to create long-term, sustainable value through our activities.”

Mey|Diageo's Sustainability Report for 2021 has been drawn up within the context of two indexes: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Including data on Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and World Economic Forum-Stakeholder Capitalism (WEF) indexes, the report also shows the activities carried out by all the plants, facilities and sales and head offices of 2 companies operating in Türkiye.

About Mey|Diageo

Founded in 2004 following privatization of the alcoholic beverages department of Tekel, Mey continues to operate in Türkiye as two separate companies, one for production and the other for sales and marketing. Since 2011, Mey has been operating under the umbrella of Diageo, the alcoholic beverage producer trading in approximately 180 countries with regional offices in 80 countries. Maintaining being a company accountable to the public as of the day of its incorporation, Mey has become one of the largest companies in Türkiye, thanks to its more than 2 thousand employees, including its distributor and sales teams, by combining the talents of its employees with the power of its brands.

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