Mey|Diageo Is Going To Save 50% Water In Vineyards

05 September 2022

Thanks to the Drip Irrigation Project, Mey|Diageo is going to save 50% water in vineyards

Mey|Diageo has ensured recovery of more than 15 thousand m3 water in an area of 60 hectares, thanks to the Drip Irrigation Project it has brought into life in Sahyar region of Alasehir, Manisa.

Making efforts in line with the ecosystem goals set by Diageo for 2030 on a global scale in order to help shape a more inclusive and sustainable world, Mey|Diageo has brought into life the Drip Irrigation Project as part of its goal of replacing more water than it uses in water-scarce regions by 2026. As part of the project that has been launched to improve the quality of the products in the vineyards of farmers, to increase the yield and the income of the grape growers, in the Sahyar region of Alasehir, Manisa, an infrastructure to allow drip irrigation on an area of 60 hectares was built, and 15.192 m3 water was recovered during the fiscal year 2022, which started on July 1, 2021 and ended on June 30, 2022.

The project to replace more than 40 thousand m3 of used water has been initiated.

Speaking about the project, Levent Komur, the General Manager at Mey|Diageo, said, "One of our Ecosystem Goals for 2030 is related with water, an extremely critical resource for Earth. We are making active efforts towards replacing more water than we use in water-scarce regions by 2026.  When changing climate conditions combine with the use of conventional flood-based irrigation systems to grow grapes, soil and wells dry out.  Therefore, in 2021, we launched a special project on an area of 60-hectares, in the water-scarce Sahyar region, Alasehir, where our plant and experience hub are located. The drip irrigation infrastructure we have built as part of our project will help us use 50% less water compared to the former system. and added: “With our project in Sahyar, we aim to recover more than 40 thousand m3 water in total in 4 regions with water stress in 2022. In this way, the total amount of water to be recovered will be equal to the volume of approximately 16.2 olympic pools. Our work and efforts will be ongoing. We wholeheartedly wish to protect water and our water resources with everyone's efforts.

It is possible to become a quite different company

Fighting for a more sustainable world by adopting the principle that reads, “paving the way for sustainability from seed to glass” and through pioneering efforts in its sector, Mey|Diageo operates not only for achieving the goal of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility, but also for becoming a responsible social organization. Highlighting that "a company that supports arts, advocates the rights of all living things and creates a positive impact on the environment is possible", through the projects it brings into life,  the company makes efforts towards achieving the goal of making a positive impact on the community where it exists, operates, uses resources and makes sales by 2030.

Mey|Diageo’s Sustainability Report for 2021 is available on:

About Mey|Diageo

Founded in 2004 following privatization of the alcoholic beverages department of Tekel, Mey continues to operate in Türkiye as two separate companies, one for production and the other for sales and marketing. Since 2011, Mey has been operating under the umbrella of Diageo, the alcoholic beverage producer trading in approximately 180 countries with regional offices in 80 countries. Maintaining being a company accountable to the public as of the day of its incorporation, Mey has become one of the largest companies in Türkiye, thanks to its more than 2 thousand employees, including its distributor and sales teams, by combining the talents of its employees with the power of its brands.

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