We are even stronger now!

31 July 2023

Three important senior appointments were made within our company. We are proud and happy. Dear Tuğba Barutçuoğlu, Regulatory and Legal Director; Dear Deniz Keskin, Senior Strategy & Transformation Manager and Dear Sanem Günay, Senior Corporate Communications Manager, she started her duties.

Tuğba, who has been on our team since 2009 and has made significant contributions to our company with her experience, became our Regulatory and Legal Director as of June 1, 2023. She is in the leadership team and is responsible for our regulation and legal departments. "Welcome to our team!" on June 5, 2023. Deniz joined as Mey|Diageo's Senior Strategy & Transformation Manager. She is in the leadership team as she is responsible for the implementation of strategic projects and the improvement of systems and processes within the scope of these projects. Sanem, who has been working in our company since the first days of her career in 2004, became our Senior Corporate Communications Manager as of July 1, 2023, after decades of successful and productive years spent in different categories in the marketing department. Our corporate communication functions are now entrusted to him.

We wish success to Tuğba, Deniz and Sanem in their new journeys. With them we are even stronger now!

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