Özlem Yeşildere

Finance and Digital Transformation Director

Affairs to Heart

President of the "YenidenBiz" Association, which supports the re-participation of women who have Decommissioned their business life for various reasons. Association of Women on the Board of Directors 2. graduate of the semester. She is a mentor at TurkishWIN and YGA.

The Purpose of the Life

"I am a student in the world, my curiosity keeps me going. I also want to share what I have learned and create solutions where I can touch, achieve better and spread hope."

Özlem Yeşildere Says

"If your heart is singing, life will definitely make you dance! Run after what is in your heart. Do not be intimidated by difficulties, learn from mistakes, if you fall, get up again, be a little "impressionable". But also study your lesson well, be sure to master your subject."

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